How To Lose Weight In 7 Days

If your looking to lose weight in 7 days then you better start fast. Short, fast weight loss is never a
good long term goal so take what you learn here today and apply it with other longer term method
in order to get the full benefit of losing weight and keeping it off. With that said let get straight into
If you are going to lose weight in the next 7 days you are going to need to be focus, now with that
being said these method are not for people who want to lose a lot of weight I can't help you their
these methods are not design to lose extreme amounts of weight, these methods are for though who
need to lose a few extra pound to fit into a dress for a wedding for to fit a bikini for their holiday.
Now the first thing you are going to need to do is to put your metabolic rate into overdrive. The fast
it is the more calories you burn. The best way to get your metabolic rate going is exercise, and
plenty of it. The more exercise you do the more calories you burn and if you do fast walking or
running you get an extra bonus of when you stop walking or running your body continues to burn
calories for up to 4 hour afterwards.
With all that exercise you are doing you will need to drink plenty of water. Now this is not to only
to keep you hydrated when you are exercising. If you drink plenty of water your body will start to
store less of it. This means that you will carry less water weight. Another bonus of drink lots of
water is that it will help keep you full between meals so that you will feel the need to snack less.
Now moving onto meals you will need to change your eating pattern so that you can lose as much
weight as possible, but I stress Don't follow the old fable of “eating less means losing weight” it just
doesn't work like that our bodies are not design to go with out food, so if you start eating less you
will have the opposite effect of your intending result, meaning you will slow you metabolic rate
down and store more fat. So if you are going to lose weight you will need to eat more not less. Now
I don't mean eat bigger meals, that's not going to work. What you are going to need to do is eat
small meal regularly throughout the day. You will need at least 5 meals a day. Your body will see
that is getting enough food and it will start to burn all the calories you eat and more.
I hope you have enjoyed reading these top tips but remember losing weight is not a quick dash to
the finishing line, it is a long term jog where you will need the right mind set to lose weight and
keep it off for good

A better short term goal is to lose weight in two weeks to find out how go to